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Operation: Wittenberg’s 2011 Campaign Gets Underway – Dedicate 2011 to the Ultimate Authority of Scripture!

I’m very excited to announce that Operation: Wittenberg is expanding its vision a bit for 2011.

In 2010, we merely wanted folks to post the first eleven chapters of Genesis to their church doors on Reformation Sunday (October 31st). Reformation Sunday is of course a commemorative holiday where Protestants remember how the Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church door. This event launched the Protestant Reformation and called the church back to the Biblical principle of Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone), or the sufficiency of Scripture.

Face it: every time we allow man’s word to re-interpret Scripture rather than allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture, the Church has seen periods of complacency, worldliness and compromise. It is once more time to revive the church back to the principle of the ultimate authority of Scripture.

This year, Operation: Wittenberg urges you to do three things:

[1] Post the Genesis Declaration and the first eleven chapters of Genesis to your church door the first Sunday of 2011 (January 2nd). Dedicate that very first worship service and the entire year of 2011┬áto the ultimate authority of God’s Word.

[2] Provide your congregation with solid teaching on Scripture and Biblical science by using our free 13-week Defending Genesis church bulletin inserts. Start using these inserts the very day you post the Genesis Declaration to your door!

[3] Celebrate a Creation Sunday this February 13, 2011 rather than atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman’s proposed Evolution Sunday!

Make 2011 a year dedicated to the ultimate authority of the Bible, God’s revealed Word.

-Rev Tony Breeden

On behalf of, & Operation: Wittenberg


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