Operation: Wittenberg is a ministry outreach of CreationLetter.com & DefendingGenesis.org.

The intent of this project is to call churches back to the ultimate authority of God’s revealed Word, the Holy Bible.

The Reformers called this principle Sola Scriptura (literally “by Scripture alone”); however, many contemporary churches are subscribing to a philosophy of Scriptura sub scientia (“Scripture under science”), falsely concluding that God’s Word must be interpreted in light of fallible man’s word. This sets up man’s word as the ultimate authority over God’s Word.

To this end, we urge churches to affirm the ultimate authority of God’s Word from the very first word by affixing the first eleven chapters of Genesis to their front doors on the Sunday closest to October 31st (Reformation Sunday).

Select ‘Download Your Copy’ from the menu to download and print the Genesis Declaration and the 1st eleven chapters of the Holy Bible to make your stand!

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