Introducing Operation: Wittenberg

In the wake of Creation Sunday 2010, I got this crazy wonderful idea.

What if we could get churches to nail the first eleven chapters of Genesis to their front doors the way Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the doors of Castle Church? Would it start a New Reformation, a call back to Biblical authority? back to sola Scriptura rather than Scriptura sub scientia?

As exciting as the idea was, I simply didn’t have time to dedicate anything to it. It deserved a certain amount of attention and I simply had too many irons in the fire. I thought it was too important to cast aside completely, so I designed a banner logo and parked it on a page over at, hoping I’d find time to develop it more fully.

Recently at the Answers For Pastors conference, I heard Ken Ham mention several times that he’d like to see churches do the very thing I’d been chewing on for almost the past year. He even had a final slide depicting Martin Luther nailing the 1st eleven chapters of Genesis to the Wittenberg Church door.


God began stirring at my heart and this is where we stand. Operation: Wittenberg is underway! At this site (, you’ll find a PDF you can download and print to affix to your church doors this October 31, 2010 – Reformation Sunday!

We hope to have more promotional materials very soon. More importantly, we hope your church makes a stand with us this Reformation Sunday for the ultimate authority of God’s Word from the very first word!

-Rev Tony Breeden

On behalf of and

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